ROADIECAB provides local, green, pedal-powered transport via bike rickshaws that are brand new to the US market following great success in many European cities. The hand crafted design from Poland seats the customers in front of the operator, offering increased comfort and a more enjoyable experience for all involved. Focused on serving the daily needs of residents and visitors to the bike friendly Logan Square/Avondale area, we are committed to pursuing local partnerships and relationships that strengthen and benefit the community. We hope to make the streets safer, the community more vibrant and work to encourage all to pursue a car free lifestyle and spend more time on bikes!



• Consistent, affordable, quick local transport

• A friendly, respectful, helpful, creative and service oriented operator mindset

• A “healthy for all” service that is easy on the environment



Corner Farm Chicago (Altgeld Sawyer and Kimball Medill Farms), Logan Square, Chicago.

ROADIECAB, LLC asks its Operators to donate $1 from each shift to the Corner Farm Chicago project. Their farms provide mentoring programs to local kids and fresh food donations to local food pantries at Christopher House and Kimball Avenue Church.


Achiase Children's Home, Afransi, Ghana

ROADIECAB, LLC then matches the local Operator donation straight to the Achiase Children Home's in Ghana where over 30 children of all ages are sheltered, fed, clothed and educated. The home purchased farmland a few years ago and just completed an addition to their school.


West Town Bikes Youth Program, Humboldt Park, Chicago

Rob visited the shop for a maintenance class and was impressed with teaching methods and vibe of the operation at West Town Bikes. He approached them with an idea to partner on a program in which supervised youth cycle 2 miles each way up to our Humboldt Park Storage/Shop facility at the edge of the Bloomingdale Trail to learn about, service and maintain our rickshaw fleet. This connection allows for small, local, bike and start up business learning potential and it provides a great avenue to help reach our goals of making the community stronger and safer for all.


Offering Service Seasonally from early March to Late October,
7 Days a Week, Weather Permitting




Look for us at these main neighborhood meeting spots: